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Migrate to the Cloud with Confidence

At LynSys Cloud Solutions, focus on identifying business needs and IT drivers, assessing the existing setup, and defining a cloud migration roadmap which will  accommodate future business needs. We follow an iterative approach to migration that ensures minimum disruption to your operations. The first step in our cloud migration service will be a detailed consultation with you to strategize and plan the migration.

Cloud Migration Consulting and Strategy

As your cloud migration service provider, we help you answer pertinent questions and effect a successful transition to the cloud. Our cloud consultants will work with you to identify:
● What to migrate Prioritize the applications, processes, and infrastructure to be migrated.
● How to migrate Formulate a migration strategy that aligns with needs and addresses potential risks.
● Where to migrate Choose a reliable platform—private, public, or hybrid—as appropriate for the business.

Cloud Migration Strategies

We focus on identifying business and IT drivers, assessing the existing setup, and defining a cloud roadmap that will also accommodate future business needs. A planned iterative approach ensures minimum
disruption to your business operations. Explore Cloud Migration Strategies

Three stages of Cloud Migration Service

Stages in Cloud Migration
  • Discovery Decision Transition Cloud
  • Inventory of existing infrastructure
  • Assess dependencies and risks
  • Prioritize Applications
  • Choose a cloud deployment model and provider
  • Private vs Public vs Hybrid
  • Single vs Multi-cloud
  • Determine the migration path
  • Rehost (Lift and shift using migration tools)
  • Refactor (Lift, tinker, and migrate using
  • Replace (Set up SaaS version)
  • Rebuild (Redesign and build from
  • Retain (Take no action)
  • Migrate as small workloads
  • Test and deploy
  • Monitor log and performance
  • Assimilate learnings and apply to next

Operate the cloud environment with continuous monitoring (24/7 support). Make periodic enhancements to take advantage of new functionalities introduced by the cloud provider.

End-to end Cloud Migration Solutions

LynSys Cloud Solution’s cloud migration services help to reduce physical resource requirements, expenditures and increase productivity for your organization. With proven methodologies and approaches, our services will help you with hassle-free transformation from on premise to cloud migration and build suitable solutions for your business needs.

Having leveraged our technical expertise with regards to cloud application migration, we have derived LynSys Cloud Solutions Cloud Migration Enabler (ACME) to initiate Cloud adoption in the most efficient way to reduce downtime and improve economy of scale. Our cloud migration solutions provide an in-depth analysis and review of the company’s objective, requirement focused assessment and assist in building a roadmap to support, rebuild and re-architect applications.

94% reduction in application downtime with Trio-migration

LynSys Cloud Solutions Systems improves the economies of scale by 62% for world’s leading Education publishing company. Our client sought out to migrate to AWS, which included 13 content and 15 customer application. LynSys Cloud Solutions came up with a unique solutions called ‘Trio-migration’. Our solutions delivered 94% reduction in application downtime.

Service Offerings

1. Cloud Consulting Services
2. Cloud Engineering Services
3. Cloud Optimization Services
4. AWS Cloud Services
5. Azure Migration Services

Transform your Business with Cloud Migration Consulting

Whether your application runs on-premise or cloud, there is always a new challenge waiting for your business, to overcome. We are here to assist you all along your cloud journey in resolving such challenges with our personalized consulting service and solutions. Our experienced consultants will help you in reducing operational costs, increasing innovation and achieving your business objectives strategically. Our Cloud migration consulting involves a well formulated assessment, strategy and process.

Cloud Migration Strategy

Moving your application to Cloud requires a systematic strategy derived by validating efficient ways to migrate it. This strategy depends on the complexity of your environment. When you step into moving the application to cloud, there are some important considerations that you need to make. We at LynSys Cloud Solution make it easy for you by creating a proper plan and assessments. Our migration strategy involves 6 important stages such as Re-host, Re-platform, Re-purchase, Re-factor/ Re-architecture, Retain, Retire.

Rehosting also known as ‘lift and shift’ moves your existing physical or virtual servers to cloud without making any major architectural changes.

Replatforming is about moving application to cloud with few optimizations like moving self-hosted infrastructure to managed services.

Repurchasing is faster way to access Cloud that involves change of the existing licensing model.

Refactoring for modifying application to take advantage of SaaS and PaaS based technology which will aid in cost reduction.

Retaining few or more on-premise solutions just in case the migration cost is higher than the application’s value is advantageous when depreciation value is achieved before migration.

Retiring can be done when unused applications are decommissioned or clubbed with other dependent applications to save huge cost.

As technology evolves, you may look into migrating to cloud based solutions and in order to do so, we help you strategize and implement plans to ensure business value and growth.

Ensuring a Seamless Cloud Migration Process

As we commence the cloud migration journey together, it is critical to document, the reason for migration and what difference it makes to the business. For this, LynSys Cloud Solutions is  one of the best cloud migration service providers, conducts a cloud readiness assessment to document the complete state analysis and to create a standard migration plan. Our assessment involves evaluation of current workloads, infrastructure
and server configuration, security and compliance concerns which aids in providing effective solutions for cloud migration support.
Having assessed and documented these details, we map them to their interdependencies in the applications and thus, formulate a customized migration plan.
Being a leading cloud migration partner, we help businesses in a smooth transition from on premise to cloud or datacenter to cloud. Our application migration consulting services enable you to move your applications to the cloud for global reach, standardization and acceleration.

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