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Linux Support

To Secure your  business in data storage linux operating system plays a major role, Since it has more security than the other. But there are many operating system are widely  used in the business ,Since comparing the part of security in business, Linux Support its Services widely in  the market deserve.
LynSys Cloud Solution’s efficient and external solutions to Linux support is here to relieve your concerns with a dedicated team of database consultants. We employ the largest UK-based team of remote IT consultants, who have the experience and knowledge to provide effective and secure OS, software and server support services.

Our Expertise

Established in 2010 – our experience and knowledge of enterprise networks is unlimited. We’ve developed a proactive approach to Linux support and management. Our specialists in Linux Support extend across:
● Deployment of new installations
● Upgrades to technology
● Providing a service to monitoring and management of existing operating systems
● Configuration and updates to security software
● Response to failures to provide solutions
The services above are no limitation to our expertise and we can design  service packages to manage project and existing business
systems. If you do not see the service you are looking for listed on our website, we may still be able to provide support. Further assistance  feel free to contact.

Outsourcing Linux Support To Experienced Linux Specialists

Employing a dedicated Linux specialist internally, can become an expensive process and result in poor coverage for your Linux operating systems.
Specialist Linux knowledge is an essential part of ‘business as usual’ IT services. LynSys Cloud Solutions has the expertise to provide specialist support, inclusive of; monitoring, maintenance, management and administrate your operating systems. Our system maintenance support also includes emergency response, backed by vast experience and a proven track record of supporting Linux servers, Linux infrastructure and operating system technologies that the business rely on.

LynSys Cloud Solutions reinforces Linux’s legendary stability on a continuous basis, to cover your business needs 24/7/365 – reducing risk of comprised data security and server outages which may happen at any time. Our business solutions is cost-effective for those who require enterprise Linux support. Your data is extremely valuable and commands eternal surveillance. Our multi-technology team can manage your expectations by providing external Linux server support services, via remote access (off site) or – where required – on site support across (almost) any standard distributions, such as Red Hat, Ubuntu and CentOS, as well as, cloud-based and open source software support.

What To Expect

As part of our enterprise Linux server support services, our system administrators will immediately start auditing and documenting your systems.
We introduce a primary and secondary support team who are responsible for maintaining your systems and implementing a constant monitoring of servers, networks and security to keep everything running smoothly. Your agreement is inclusive of monitoring, consultancy, and incident response – which separates us from competitors.
Emergencies are covered as standard, with no additional fees – at any given time. Rest assured, we will never bill you for any emergency response. Your
bespoke service package will cover all Linux support and Linux system management, throughout all hours.
We do not set up restrictive company contract agreements, so you are entitled to roll on/roll off as you require giving you the control and flexibility in our collaborative working agreement.

Our Promise

A Proactive Approach To Linux Support – 24 Hours A Day / Seven Days A Week / 365 Days A Year
LynSys Cloud Solution’s specialist Linux IT support team have the in-depth knowledge to create a promise which entitles you to proactive Linux support – all year round.
Our team are continuously monitoring your network of servers and working behind-the-scenes, to ‘fail proof’ your Linux server and manage your business-critical systems. so we can eliminate the potential of issues arising. Our technical team constantly monitors the performance and capacity of Linux servers and will apply software patches where necessary, to keep your Linux service fully functional and up-to-date. If any of your platforms do suffer a drop in performance, your direct contact will step in to provide rapid response support and secure your Linux system. Our support team operates around the clock, every day. No exclusions. We are always available to our clients.

Providing Secure and Reliable External Linux Support

As part of your IT team, LynSys Cloud Solutions is here to support you to fulfil the requirements of your business needs. Our company have covered all aspects to ensure and secure access to your network, with meticulous recruitment processes to introduce the very best talent to your company. We employ specialists in their field, so you benefit from the support of an expert in your chosen linux distribution.
We Support All Linux Distributions Including Red Hat Enterprise Linux
We can provide support with Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian and a host of other Linux distributions. Get in touch to discuss if we have a consultant available to support your chosen Linux distributions.

Choosing Linux Distributions

Do you need assistance with choosing the correct proprietary software for your company? Our support extends to project management, which covers full research and development and the migration from one Linux system to another. ie. if you want to migrate from CentOS 8 to a supported compatible Linux such as Alma, Rocky or Oracle Enterprise Linux.