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Managed Services and Augmented Support

Cloud operations are complex. We’re here to help.

We know you feel it—the pressure to transform your organization digitally, to release new features at a faster pace, to innovate. Software is making the world become easier to the layman to make their work with speed and simple, but creating software for particular business and requirements are not so easy ,So how ever the complicated issues may occur our highly equipped team is  ready to manage the work and issues, parallelly our team can work in depth of the issues to bring multiple solutions with user friendly.

LynSys Cloud Solution’s Managed Services and Augmented Support team sets you up for operational success and removes these distractions, allowing you to innovate and deliver the value your customers want. Our deep expertise, experience, and wide variety of client engagements means that we can manage your day-to-day operations and help you solve problems before they get in the way.


Managed Application Platform


Building and Delivering Cloud



Hybrid Multi-Cloud Container Orchestration Platforms

Private Cloud Infrastructures

Public and Regional Cloud Infrastructures

We offer managed operations and support across these areas.

Managed Services

Our experienced team takes full responsibility for your operations
Whatever your cloud or network setup, our multi-disciplined team will take responsibility for your day-to-day operations. You will breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you have a trusted partner with years of experience making sure your operations run smoothly. With your team free to focus on your applications, you will get faster feature releases, more innovation, and bring more value to the marketplace.
What’s included in our Managed Services?
  • Monitoring and alerting
  • Backups
  • Logging and dashboards
  • Disaster recovery options
  • Service desk
  • Automation
  • Application platform patching
  • Identity and access management
  • Service and business continuity

Augmented Support

Our team of experts is here when you need us (24/7 support)

Getting used to a new technology that you’ve implemented. Already have an operations team, Concerned about wasting time figuring out issues that come up.

Augmented Support gives you the confidence you need to support your new cloud projects. This unique escalation service brings LynSys Cloud Solution’s brain trust of experts to your team the moment they need help. Digital transformation has never felt so safe.

How does Augmented Support work?
LynSys Cloud Solutions experts will be available whenever your operations team needs to escalate a critical issue. You will still have ownership of your pipeline and we will be there to offer the right expertise when you need it.

Operational Support

Automations can scale and heal, but sometimes human intervention is needed to quickly get you back up and running.

Our skilled engineers can respond to alerts 24/7 and take the right course of action, limiting your exposure to downtime.

Cloud Operations for Microsoft Azure

Today many organizations are moving large portfolios of legacy applications and data centres to the Cloud and immediately wants a secure and efficient way to manage ,optimize and govern their infrastructure & applications in the Cloud and at the edge.

LynSys Cloud Solutions helps Enterprises to manage their Azure Cloud environment using our 24x7x365 team of Cloud experts. Our Azure certified experts remove the complexity in managing and monitoring your Cloud infrastructure. Key features of our Cloud Operations services are:
● Strong Partnership with Microsoft
● AIOPS Platform for reliable operations
● FINOPS for Cost visibility and Optimization
● Aligned with SRE Principles
● Consumption based pricing

LynSys Cloud Solution’ s Cloud Operations Model is fully aligned to Microsoft Azure Cloud Adoption Framework. It offers Operational baseline enhancements to your Cloud Operations and adds a flavour of immense industry experience that LynSys Cloud Solutions brings to the table. LynSys Cloud Solution’ s Cloud Operations includes:
● Improve Observability & Visibility through Single Pane of glass
● Enhance Operational baseline and compliance by incorporating early automation and AI Led Operations
● Incorporate Azure native and third party Security tools to improve security posture
● High service availability using business continuity management and Disaster recovery services that meets business objectives
● Cost Savings and Optimization
● Operational excellence and resiliency
● Business Agilitys