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Monolith to Microservices Adoption & Migration Experts

We help the  companies to adopt microservices architecture and  transform monolith applications with our microservices and migration services.

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Why migrate from monolith to microservices?

  • Improved Scalability
  • Better Fault Isolation and More Resilient Applications
  • Programming Language & Technology Agnostic
  • Better Data security & Compliance
  • Faster Time to Market and “Future-Proofing”
  • Greater Business Agility & Support for DevOps

Microservices adoption journey

Our architects and consultants can understand your IT systems and business requirements very fast and help you create a strategic microservices adoption roadmap.

  • Our microservices consulting experts assess your current application architecture and share a comprehensive assessment report.
  • Each and every organization is different; hence we provide a tailored microservices adoption roadmap that is just for you.
  • Our microservice adoption roadmaps include tools, technologies & processes that will ease your monolith to microservices migration

Monolith to Microservices Migration

With our migration consultants and microservices experts at your service, we strategically and incrementally refactor your monolithic application to microservices-based architecture.

  • We help accelerate application modernization by refactoring existing monolith applications to a microservices based architecture.
  • Monolith to Microservices, SOA to API, our microservices experts will help you modernize your applications faster as part of the microservices
    adoption strategy.
  • Our teams have vast experience of moving large monolith production grade applications to a microservices based one making them true cloud native applications.

Microservices integration

We help you build and manage microservices effectively by integrating APIs to make application databases and legacy apps more flexible and

  • Our microservices experts design and develop an integration roadmap to fulfill your functional & non functional requirements.
  • Integration APIs with microservices can be challenging, but our microservices migration experts make it easy for you.
  • With an API-driven approach as part of our microservice migration service, we help integrate your microservices with other third-party.

Microservices Support & Maintenance

Enterprise-grade microservices experts support your team proactively, whenever and wherever you need them to resolve your production issues.

  • Our goal is to enhance the quality of your microservices-based application and reduce the defects.
  • We perform comprehensive testing for your microservices application & verify the entire workflow along with the integrations with other services.
  • Our microservices experts have handled huge applications with over 100 microservices, in short, we know how to keep your application up
    and running.

Your Microservices Adoption Journey

  • Assessing your Monolithic Application
  • Microservices adoption roadmap
  • Selecting apps to migrate to microservice architecture
  • Defining target architecture for each app
  • Refactor a monolith to services
  • Review and repeat

Planning to Modernize your Legacy Monolithic Application?

We provide a tailor-made microservices adoption plan for refactoring monolith to microservices-based on effort/impact. Team with the

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